martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Pictures that made History

Costa Rican Beef Soup

Costa Rican Beef Soup.
Step 1:
Beef Cuts-Do not be afraid of any cuts of meat as you can do no wrong. The long cooking times will break any meat and cartilage down from any cut you can buy. Beef shank, ribs, neck pieces are all full of flavor and convert into a very desirable cut of meat after prolonged cooking.
Step 2:
The arrival of electricity changed many aspects of life in the interior of Costa Rica. Without refridgeration the best vegetables to store were hardy root vegetables such as potatoes, yucca, sweet potatoes and carrots. Cabbage and corn could be relied upon to add some fresh vegetables and seasonal squash could be added in concert with their growing season. Today the typical mix is: Potatoes, Yucca, Squash, Corn-on-the-cob, cabbage, and carrots. All left in giant 2-3 inch cuts and added with the meat at the beginning of the cooking process.
Step 3:
Filling the pot with an a half of water.  Pick the meat on the bottom of the pot and then cover with the rough cut vegetables. Sprinkle generously with coarse sea salt, add a handful of bay leaves, a little of condiments such as pepper, sauce and good costa rican hot sauce. Cover again with much water as you can safely handle and place over a medium to low heat. Let cook for a minimum of 4 hours. If the temperature is right, you will not need to open the pot, stir the pot, or even look at the pot until the time to eat it.
Step 4:
Pull the meat and vegetables out of the soup and serve dry on a plate with fresh cilantro chopped on top. Serve the soup on the side with a small side of white rice. The power of a good soup bring you back to life is excited. 
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Interview Senior Citizen

Interview Senior Citizen
My interview was realized to Mr. Miguel Mora. We talked about many topics. He talked with a lot pleasure, but when I talked about technology, he took a big breath and he said:
… Well, My own point of view is how this happened very fast?
He said that he never understood certain appliances such as, TV with remote control, an alarm clock, and of course, a computer.
He said that when he watched a computer, he thought, what is it? And how does it work?
He said that he always was intrigued by knows a little bit about that, but nobody helped him.
Mr. Mora is willing to learn, because he wants to overcome this kind of obstacle.
Particularly, I said him that if he wanted I could help him, and he said that he only was waiting for me.


Home Schooling
Basically, homeschooling is learning in home, this looks like school education but in our own homes, normally by parents who teach to their sons and daughters but also, homeschooling can be taught by tutors.
For me, homeschooling in our country, might be taught in strict cases at home, for example, handicapped kids, extreme poverty by a special tutor or teacher, a family with a lot a kids, people with special abilities, etc.
The Costa Rican government might be attended to that, and make the difference, but in different ways, the government has been far away of it.
However, homeschooling is an option for learning day by day, and go on overcoming troubles, obstacles and trying to understand that “learning” is to say good bye to the ignorance.

Immigration Policies

Immigration Policies.
Currently in Costa Rica the immigration policies in theory seem to be good. Nevertheless,  in practice aren´t because they present big deficiencies.
In our country every single day a lot of people come, being the majority of them foreigners, for example, Nicaraguan, Colombian, Dominican people.
In occasions they come looking for job opportunities, but in others occasions they come to cause damages.
In Costa Rica we have seen with frequency, drug traffic, robberies, weapon troubles, assaults, grudge fight. Generally in these acts are involved at least one or two foreigner. Since these perspectives, is very hard for Costa Rica to see that, and faced the reality.
In addition, in certain cases, our policemen are involved with bad people and they help to the foreigner criminals for doing corrupt acts.
My point of view is, Costa Rica needs better immigration policies, to improve our life quality.

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

August Rush

“August Rush”.

I loved so much that movie because it has a lot of messages, such as we must believe in love, to feel passion for someone or something.

This movie shows us about the way of making decisions, being responsible, fighting against all odds… for example when the girl knew that her baby was alive.

I also thought that perseverance changes our lives. And it can make a change in our way of thinking.

On the other hand, the child never lost his hope, and he always thought about his parents that one day they would appear. 

In conclusion, these kinds of movies help us improve and overcome the challenges and obstacles.