martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Immigration Policies

Immigration Policies.
Currently in Costa Rica the immigration policies in theory seem to be good. Nevertheless,  in practice aren´t because they present big deficiencies.
In our country every single day a lot of people come, being the majority of them foreigners, for example, Nicaraguan, Colombian, Dominican people.
In occasions they come looking for job opportunities, but in others occasions they come to cause damages.
In Costa Rica we have seen with frequency, drug traffic, robberies, weapon troubles, assaults, grudge fight. Generally in these acts are involved at least one or two foreigner. Since these perspectives, is very hard for Costa Rica to see that, and faced the reality.
In addition, in certain cases, our policemen are involved with bad people and they help to the foreigner criminals for doing corrupt acts.
My point of view is, Costa Rica needs better immigration policies, to improve our life quality.

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